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Malicious Studios is a premiere, full-service, special effects facility located in Central Ohio. We offer cutting-edge physical Horror effects for film, television, and the haunted house industry.
Malicious Studios possesses a creative team with over 10 years of experience in the Horror and special effects industry. We have worked on projects ranging from Independent Film, to Halloween Parties, to some of the nation’s best Haunted Attractions. We are able to provide original, versatile and imaginative production in all Horror media.

All kinds of special effects, for all kinds of industries.

Malicious Studios offers a full service studio creating creature, movie and haunted house effects. We can create characters, props, masks, stunt weapons, and custom horror effects, whether it is for the every day horror fan or collector, haunted attractions or movie sets. Every one of our special effects are produced with attention to detail and dedication.

We bring your nightmares to life.

Our Goal here, at Malicious Studios is to create high quality physical effects on a competitive budget, we strive to create the most realistic and mind blowing horror props that will make you question whether they are real or not. From the conception to the execution of an idea. The design and the materialization of a prop, our dedicated team of artists witll bring each and every one of your dreams – or nightmares – to life.

Who is Malicious Studios?

Malicious Studios is a team of professional artists who have a desire, drive and passion to create some of the best horror effects ever experienced. Our combined passion, knowledge, and experience enables us to create new ideas solutions in a cost effective manner to fulfill our customers needs. Whether your project is film, haunt, theme park, or collector, we will work hard to find a solution in a cost effective manner.


Horror FX That Sticks To The Roof Of Your Brain !


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